The basics of plumbing & heating

Sep 27

Homes Basic Needs

When it comes to your home there are various basic needs such as electricity, water and gas. These are supplied to your home by your energy provider who also are responsible for that supply right up to your home, however when it comes to the internal mechanics of these, these are the responsibility of the homeowner (or landlord.)

Keeping your Heating and Plumbing in Working Order

With heating and plumbing, ensuring that everything is in working order prevents disasters such as gas leaks, flooding (And of course your electricity is equally important and that your wiring meets the current standards.) With plumbing there can be a deterioration of pipes, which in turn can affect the pressure which in turn can affect appliances such as the shower, this is usually caused by the buildup of calcium but of course there can be general wear and tear, other types of blockages that can stop the natural running of water. In cases like these then you are best to call a qualified plumber who can quickly diagnose the problem, replace any connections or pipes that are causing the problem and ensure that your water is running fine. Other issues can be wear and tear on taps where rubbers need replacing to fix that dripping tap for instance.

Maintaining your Heating

And when it comes to heating and plumbing, the heating side is a little more complex, firstly it is a legal requirement that any work carried out on your boiler or central heating is carried out by a gas safe registered plumber purely because of the nature of gas and the health and safety concerns associated with it such as leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. Again just as with plumbing your heating should be maintained on a regular basis, including a boiler service to ensure smooth running. Of course there are checks you can carry out yourself, such as bleeding radiators to ensure there is no air trapped, making sure your boiler is operating at its proper pressure (This is typically between 1.0 – 1.5 bar).

By regularly having your heating and plumbing serviced and maintained you can avoid much costlier expenditures in the future and ensure that you have uninterrupted basic services such as water and heat.

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