Your choice for local gas central heating engineers in Hastings

Sep 28

When you are looking for someone to install or maintain your Central Heating System, there are a few things you should on your checklist to make sure you choose the right company for you. At the very top of the list, your central heating engineer should be Gas Safe Registered, as this is a legal requirement.

Lets first compare the pro’s and con’s of using a local company versus a national company:

National companies

The larger companies such as British Gas have call centres to handle telephone calls efficiently and have a large marketing budget to attract your attention. This of course means that these companies have higher overheads than the local, independent Gas Central Heating Engineers, and these costs are generally recovered by charging higher prices.

Local companies

A small company may have great installation and maintenance skills and provide a more personal level of service. They can also compete on price because their overheads are lower than the national companies. They often gain the majority of their business through word of mouth rather than from expensive advertising. Southern Gas Solutions fall into this category and our business has grown over the years by reputation.

Now let’s take a look at what you need to do before you make a final choice on your Gas Central Heating Engineer.

Get several quotes

It is always wise to get two or three quotes from a few people. When looking at the price, consider the additional value you may be receiving. Sometimes the lowest price is not always the best.

Are the quotes are like for like? Some Gas Central Heating Engineers may include additional items in their quote which will benefit you by improving boiler reliability and reducing heating bills for the long term.

Do some checking

If you want hassle and trouble free long term performance from your Central, make sure that your chosen Gas Central Heating Engineer:

  • are Gas Safe registered
  • have a trading address and contact telephone number
  • have public liability insurance
  • take cheques and/or credit card and not just cash
  • can provide references and testimonials on previous Central Heating work

For more information on our locally based Gas Central Heating Engineers, please contact us now.