central heating not working

My boiler has stopped working!

Sep 30

At Southern Gas Solutions in Hastings, the words “My Boiler has stopped working” usually means an emergency visit and new parts that the customer sometimes has to wait for, if they are not standard stock items. The customer sometimes has to go without the luxury of heating and hot water for a short while, a luxury that we have all become accustomed to.

So why do boilers suddenly stop working?

Boilers are machines with moving parts that require regular servicing, maintenance and repair, just like your car. A boiler needs it’s own “MOT” test too. Wear and tear will mean that certain parts within your boiler will suddenly stop unless the wear and tear is picked up in a routine service.

Should I have my boiler serviced regularly?

The simple answer is yes, you most certainly should.


As with anything, prevention is better than cure, and at Southern Gas Solutions, because we work on many different types of boilers and visit many homes in and around the Hastings area, we have the knowledge and experience to not only see what part is wearing, and therefore ensure we order the spare part and fix it whilst your boiler is still functioning normally, but we can also anticipate what parts will wear out, and therefore carry a small stock of these much needed items.

  • It is much more cost effective to have your boiler serviced regularly than call us out for an emergency boiler repair.
  • It is far more convenient for you if we pre-arrange a service appointment at your convenience than having to take unplanned time off work to wait in for our emergency boiler repair team.
  • It is also far less stressful having a pre-planned boiler service than having to call Southern Gas Solutions out in an emergency, alongside re-arranging your undoubtedly busy day.

For more information on regular boiler servicing, please contact us now.