Oct 11

Heating and Plumbing Maintenance

There are several checks you can carry out on your heating and plumbing to help things keep running smoothly as well as identifying issues or problems before they escalate to something more serious, within this article we will include a few tips and tricks that will help you and hopefully save you a few pounds too.

 Knowing where everything is!

Should the worst happen it is vitally important that you know where everything is, you should know where the stopcock is for both your water and your gas, should either spring a leak. Finding an issue quickly is paramount and with this in mind you should know exactly where to locate your gas and water appliances in your household.(If applicable make sure your spouse or partner and children know too.) You should also make sure you have quick access to these so make sure you’re not storing boxes, junk or blocking them in any way so that you can immediately turn them off if needed. A lot of modern day plumbing have separate stopcocks for taps but it is important to know where the main one is in case of emergency.

Simple Maintenance Checks on Your Heating and Plumbing

By ‘keep an eye on things’ can help prevent further costs or problems developing, by carrying out simple checks you can make sure that everything is in order, of course when it comes to boiler maintenance this should be carried out by a Gas Safe Plumber, but you should in the meantime make sure that your radiators are bled on a regular basis, your boiler pressure is at its optimum (Typically this is between 1 and 1.5 bar but be sure to check the manual for the correct setting and of course how to adjust this.) and make sure that all pipe insulation (that is visible.) is intact. You should also ensure that any overflow pipes are not blocked, including the condenser pipe if you have a condensing boiler. Carrying out these simple checks will help maintain your system but should you have a problem pick up the phone and get the experts in.

If you need any help looking after your plumbing and heating systems then please do not hesitate to call you local central heating engineers in Hastings. Visit our website to find out about the full range of services we can offer you https://southernenergysolutions.co.uk. Alternatively you can contact our team directly on 01424 200005.