Hastings based boiler installation and breakdown service

Oct 13

The Southeast might not bare as much of the brunt of winter as the top of the UK, however, almost everyone is blighted by boiler breakdowns at some point throughout the year. Of course, if you schedule regular service of your boiler, you’re much less likely to suffer a particularly critical failure. However, almost all boilers break down from time to time. In this case, our gas engineers here at Southern Gas Solutions are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive breakdown and repair services.

Trust Is Everything

Based out of Hastings but covering all over the Southeast, our gas engineers are competent and qualified to work on the most common home boiler models. In fact, our motto is that if water runs through it, we fix it.

What really makes us different from other boiler repair and breakdown services though, is the fact that we pride ourselves on always being on time. This, and our always fixing a problem first time, and never putting you in the position where you need to make repeated call outs.  In fact, we’re a small independent firm built purely on the back of happy customer referrals.

New Boiler Installation

All that said, even with the best service history and the most competent maintenance, every boiler will need replacing at some point. However, if you are in need of a new boiler installation our gas engineers will not just provide installation services as speedily as possible, but also assist you in choosing the most efficient and reliable boiler for your home heating requirements.

Our objective is simple. We aim to be the gas engineers who you don’t just call when something goes wrong, but the people you recommend afterwards for quality of service and reliability.