Oct 30

Gas Safe Plumbers

When it comes to anything associated with gas such as boiler systems, central heating and cooking appliances there are very stringent laws in place in the UK that govern the fitting, maintenance and repairs to ensure that all safety measures are met. By law plumbers must be on the gas safe register in the United Kingdom (Including Guernsey and Isle of Man.) if they are working on or with gas appliances and systems that use gas.

Accidents involving Gas

Every year there are injuries, loss of property and even fatalities relating to improperly installed equipment, this ranges from fires, explosions to the deadly killer of carbon monoxide poisoning, the majority of these could have been avoided if they had used a gas safe plumber as well as regular gas checks on appliances.

Checking Gas Safe Plumbers

If you intend to hire a plumber to either carry out maintenance, repair or any other work relating to gas appliances, you should ALWAYS check that they are a gas safe plumber, they will not be upset at you asking this question and all carry proof of their qualification. Also be aware that the Gas Safe Register replaced the Corgi Registration of which is no longer valid. So before you consent to any work to be carried out ensure that your plumber is a gas safe plumber and you have seen proof of their registration to give yourself peace of mind and the knowledge that it is being carried out by a plumber who is qualified.

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