Nov 12

For most households in and around Hastings, it’s simply not worth thinking about. However, gas boilers just like every other device in your home are liable to breakdown at some point. In winter, this can lead to severe discomfort for you and your family, while in spring and summer, not being able to draw from on demand hot water can itself be a significant nuisance.

Common Reasons For Boiler Breakdowns

Thankfully, the most common causes of boiler breakdowns are quite easy to remedy providing that you don’t try to take matters into your own hands. In winter especially, boiler breakdowns usually occur due to condensation pipes freezing. If this is the case, thawing the condensation pipe will allow moisture to escape once more and your boiler will be back up and running in no time with no need to replace parts or carry out extensive maintenance.

The second chief cause of boiler breakdowns lies with boiler pilot lights blowing out. Here things get a little more complicated as although it can be easy to relight pilot lights, blowouts usually happen due to deposit build ups which necessitate thorough and careful cleaning of the pilot light area itself. Once again, though, pilot lights blowing out are usually easily remedied and aren’t necessarily a sign of more complex mechanical failures.

Thirdly, losses of water pressure often cause boilers to break down and are usually a sign that either you have a leak somewhere within your boiler or that your boiler pressure valve needs replacing.

Fast & Expeditious Service Every Time

Regardless of how or why your boiler has broken down, it’s important to only ever employ the services of Gas Safe registered engineers such as ourselves to get you back up and running. Thankfully, at Southern Gas Solutions, we pride ourselves on attending your home and helping you recover from boiler breakdowns as timely and professionally as possible.

Of course, breakdowns do occasionally occur for much more serious reasons. Ideally, homeowners and landlords should, in this case, make sure to have boilers serviced by engineers such as ours at least once a year. This way more serious mechanical failures can be prevented and remedied in advance of breakdowns. Even better, by scheduling annual services with us during the summer, you can rest assured that your boiler won’t give up on you when you need it most over autumn and winter.