Nov 24

The best way to ensure the longevity and best performance of your current boiler installation is to schedule regular maintenance and servicing. However, regular servicing is also recommended in order to reduce the risk of gas leaks and potential dangerous faults going undetected. Both leaks and faults which could develop into a fire hazard are rare, however, instances of both are much more frequent in boiler installations which aren’t serviced at least annually.

How to know if you need your boiler servicing or repaired

Given the above all homes should schedule at least an annual boiler health check. Based out of Hastings, our Southern Gas Solutions engineers are qualified to service all main boiler types. Even better, we’re the only local gas engineers who guarantee to arrive with you within at least on hour of a pre-scheduled appointment. If not, we give you £10 for the inconvenience. However, what if your boiler needs repairing?

Contrary to popular belief, an obvious lack of heating and hot water isn’t the only sign that your boiler is in trouble. Uneven heating in rooms, intermittent heating of hot water and even unusual sounds coming from boiler units can all be signs that your installation is experiencing some kind of difficulty.

Our Hastings Based Boiler Repair Service

If you are experiencing any of the above, it’s important to schedule a repair or service visit as promptly as possible. When one of our engineers is on site, the first thing they will do is open your boiler unit and check that all the main critical components are in working order. If not, we’ll see if we can replace parts on site and if we are unable to, we’ll arrange for parts to be made available as soon as possible. In either case, our engineers will always give you a fixed-price quote, inclusive of parts and labour before they actually service or repair your unit.

Is your annual service overdue? Have you noticed a potential fault with your boiler? If so, make sure to call Southern Gas Solutions today in order to schedule a comprehensive boiler health check. Call us now on 01424 200005, tell us what the problem is and we’ll get one of our engineers dispatched to you asap.