Dec 01

At present, boiler installation in Hastings and much of the rest of the UK involves installation of combination boiler models which heat water directly from the mains. These types of boiler are very energy efficient and are perfect for small households and apartments. However, combination boilers aren’t always the right choice for older properties with radiator and heating systems which might suffer under the stress of higher water pressure.

Simple & Honest Advice

The above being the case, if you are in need of a new boiler installation in Hastings, one of our professional gas and central heating engineers will visit your property and advise you on what your best options are. Of course, this might sound like the standard kind of service which you would expect from any competent gas engineer, however, we place a special focus on providing the most impartial advice possible.

For instance, many central heating engineers in Hastings will advocate installation of one brand and model of boiler over others due to relationships which some gas firms have with specific model manufacturers. This being the case, while you might live in a property which we feel would be best served by a conventional boiler or system boiler, other engineers might advocate installation of less effective combination boilers which they stand to receive a commission on for advocating in the first place.

In like manner, there are many more boiler brands than the big three which you can probably bring to mind at any one moment. When we advise people on boiler installation in Hastings, we don’t, therefore, push any one brand in particular. Instead, we help you source just as efficient boilers as possible in regard to your particular budget and property requirements.


As well as being able to provide a wider range of boilers for our customers, each of our engineers has also received training in regard to each model’s initial installation and ongoing service. In this case, we help you hit the ground running by arranging as expeditious as possible installation and ongoing service.

Are you in need of a new boiler installation in Hastings? If so call or contact Southern Gas Solutions today. We’ll discuss your options with you and arrange a visit to your property, to give you impartial advice regarding which boiler we feel will best serve you and your family’s needs.