Feb 16

A Quick 101 in Boiler Maintenance in Hastings

Almost everyone is familiar with the importance of regular boiler maintenance. As well as helping your boiler keep running for longer and running as efficiently as possible, boiler maintenance in Hastings is just as essential for you and your families safety.

What, though, does regular maintenance actually entail from a technical standpoint?

If your boiler has broken down or is simply ready for it’s annual service, the first thing which one of our engineers will do is lay down protective sheeting around your boiler in order to protect your home from stains and dirt during service. We’ll then visually inspect your boiler for things like misaligned pipes and clear ventilation

Getting under the hood, we’ll then make sure that your boiler is working as safely and efficiently as possible by checking the pressure and flow of gas to your boiler unit. We’ll then also measure the amount of CO2 emissions coming off your boiler before checking for loose seals and compromised electrodes and condensing pipe blockages.

Of course, boiler maintenance in Hastings also involves thorough checking of fans and many other electrical components. However, with our engineers you can rest assure that we will carry out all necessary safety checks in accordance with UK gas safety laws before providing you with a comprehensive report in regard to the service itself and talking you through any issues.

What if we do identify any issues with your boiler? 

In most cases, boiler maintenance in Hastings will only find critical issues with older boiler models. However, in any event, if our engineers do come across any problems, you can rest assured that we will either carry out necessary repairs on site or schedule repair work to be carried out as promptly as possible. The key is to schedule as regular as possible boiler maintenance. This way our engineers can attend to things like the build up of dirt and debris which is the leading cause of most critical mechanical and electrical failures.