Feb 16

In 2015, the average cost of a boiler breakdown call-out stood at £150. This though was just for the attendance of an engineer and that £150 call out-fee wouldn’t usually cover any necessary boiler repairs themselves. Even worse, emergency call-outs of gas engineers by some of the biggest UK gas safety and boiler repair firms stood at a staggering £320 per call out.

Boiler service in Hastings isn’t in this case, just about peace of mind with regard to you and your family staying warm over winter. Rather, annual boiler service in Hastings by Southern Gas Solutions can help you and your family save by avoiding such call-out costs altogether.

Understanding Why Most Boiler Breakdowns Happen

Boilers don’t breakdown more frequently in autumn and winter just because of sheer coincidence. Colder temperatures can lead to minor movements in metal pipes and the mechanical parts of your boiler. In like manner, dirt impacted electrodes and air vents can make it much harder for your boiler to properly function during colder periods.

The good news is that by scheduling a boiler service in Hastings prior to the onset of winter, one of our engineers can clean and check your boiler and in doing so leave you with peace of mind that you will survive the coming winter breakdown free.

Boiler service in With a Difference

The best part? As well as saving you money on potentially emergency call out fees, we promise all of our clients to arrive within no more than one hour of pre-scheduled appointment times for when you do book your annual boiler service with us. In fact, we’re so committed to reliability that we’ll even give you £10 if we are ever more than an hour late.