Feb 16

A combi boiler is a combination of a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler that are combined in the same unit.

Benefits of a combi boiler:

Combination boilers are becoming ever more popular as a way of heating the water and rooms in our homes. This is because combi boilers offer a range of benefits when compared to other boiler options.

  • One such benefit of a combination boiler is its size. It’s compact size means that there is no need for a separate hot water storage cylinder.
  • Another benefit of a combi boiler is that the water is fed directly from the mains water supply, this means that the household will always have access to a hot water supply.

How Can I Get One Installed?

Here at Southern Gas Solutions, we ensure that all our engineers are trained by the engineering teams of all of the major manufacturers, so that they have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of all the different types and models of boilers that are available and can competently inform our customers about them.

If you are interested in a new boiler installed, we at Southern Gas Solutions offer a simple installation process.

  • We isolate the boiler to ensure that you still have water, gas and electricity, this ensure s that there is s little disruption to your everyday life as possible.
  • We remove your old boiler.
  • We install your new boiler; our engineers are all gas safety certified.
  • We will test your boiler, to ensure that it is gas safe and certified.
  • We will then show you how to use your new boiler and any thermostats that are involved.

If you would like more information on boiler installation, then call Southern Gas Solutions on: 01424 200005.