Apr 16

If your boiler breaks down, it might be tempting to go into panic mode. However, the most important thing is to stay calm. Here at Southern Gas Solutions we have a team of central heating engineers, in Hastings. Additionally, we have some tips in case you don’t know what to do if your boiler breaks down.

  1. Wrap Up Warm
    The most important thing of all is to make sure you and your family stay warm, especially if you have no heating and it’s in the middle of winter.  Try wearing multiple layers in order to stay warm. Make sure especially those who are susceptible to hypothermia are warm such as children, the elderly or those who are pregnant.
  1. Use Electric Heaters
    Consider using electric heaters as a temporary replacement for your boiler. Although they are more expensive and less efficiency than central heating, they will solve your heating issues for the time being.
  1. Close Windows
    Close your windows and make sure that any heat that is in the house cannot escape, this would also be a prime opportunity to get out your trusty door draft excluder to prevent heat escaping through your doors.
  1. Immersion Heater
    Immersion heaters are not reliant on your boiler. If you have an immersion heater, you can still get hot water through this way. So, make sure it is turned on so you still have hot water. Even if you immersion heater is no longer heating, it will keep the water hot as the tank is insulated. Normally an immersion heater flips on simply at the wall.
  1. Call Southern Gas Solutions
    Here at Southern Gas Solutions, we offer a quick and professional plumbing service. Whether you need a boiler replaced or repaired, we can help. It is important to get your boiler fixed as soon as possible so you can continue your normal life, especially during the winter months, and Southern Gas Solutions are here to help you. If your boiler breaks down, feel free to contact us or click here to see our rates.