Apr 16

Here at Southern Gas, we’re a team of heating engineers in Hastings, East Sussex that specialize in a variety of heating services. Among those services we provide a range of boiler services such as installations and repairs. Two of our lesser known boiler services are LPG and Oil boilers so this month we’ve written a couple of articles outlining why LPGs or Oil boilers may be a good fit for you.

If you live or own a rural home, or otherwise do not have mains central heating, you may want to consider having an Oil Boiler installed. Oil Boilers are an alternative for those who do not wish to have a gas, electric or boiler.

  1. Oil Boilers are Environmentally Friendly
    An Oil Boiler is a great idea for those who are environmentally minded. Perhaps, living in the British Countryside, you are aware of the beauty of the natural world, and wish to preserve it. Although it is still a fossil fuel, oil, or petroleum, is one of the most efficient sources of energy available. Therefore, oil-fired boilers are one of the most efficient methods of heating your home. Modern oil-fired boilers often have a 90+ (A) rating. Oil boilers create less carbon emission than gas-condensing, LPG and mains gas heating systems, making it a good choice for those looking to be green.
  2. Oil Boilers have the same Great Features As Other Boilers
    Although an Oil Boiler may seem less advanced than a mains system or electric boiler, you can still have the same level of control over the heating in your home. This includes a room thermostat, allowing you to control the exact temperature of your home easily, thermostatic radiator valves, a timer system, allowing you to choose when you want your heating to come on, and when you want hot water to be available (saving you money by only using oil when you need to) and even a cylinder thermostat on the hot water tank. These thermostats help to regulate and run your heating system as efficiently as possible.
  3. An Alternative to Mains Gas Systems
    The primary reason you may be interested in having an Oil Boiler installed is if you are not on the mains gas network. There are over 4 million households in the UK which do not have access to the main gas network and must therefore look elsewhere to provide their home with heating and hot water. Having an Oil Boiler means you may have your fuel delivered by truck and stored on site, allowing you access to your fuel at all times, not needing to depend on the mains gas network in order to fuel your heating system and hot water.
  4. Cost Effective
    Of course, efficiency is a large concern among those looking to heat their home effectively and economically. Oil used to be a more expensive fuel. However, since 2014, the price of Oil has fallen, reaching 46p (per litre) in 2015 and 32 (per litre) in 2016. This means it is much more affordable to heat your home with oil. Oil Boilers are, on average, at least as efficient as a mains gas system, sometimes even more efficient. So if affordability is a concern for you, consider the falling cost and high efficiency of oil.

For these reasons, if you live in a rural area, an oil boiler is perfect for you. Oil boilers must be installed by a trained professional. Here at Southern Gas Solutions we offering Oil Heating installations, maintenance and consultations in a professional and effective manner. Additionally we can install or maintain any other type of boiler and we can offer you consultations on how to heat your home.