Six misconceptions that increase your energy bill

Apr 16
  1. Turning the thermostat up when it’s cold outside
    Whatever the weather a thermostat is designed to maintain the household’s desired temperature so therefore it doesn’t help to turn up the heating when it’s cold outside.  After a while you will begin to feel too hot therefore you will have wasted a lot of energy and cash in the process.
  2. Turn up the thermostat to heat up a room more quickly
    If you come home to a chilly house you will probably reach for the thermostat and turn it up to the maximum but this won’t get you to that toasty temperature any quicker.  A thermostat controls the final temperature not the speed it takes to get there.  So once again turning up to maximum only makes the house uncomfortably warm and wastes energy and cash.
  3. Leaving the heating on constantly is more efficient than switching it on and off
    You might think that this is true but what you are doing is wasting energy heating the home when no one is there.  It’s more beneficial to use a thermostat programmer to control the timing to your heating.  How nice it is to come home to a warm home knowing that you haven’t wasted your money.
  4. Keep your boiler on all day to make sure that your hot water doesn’t run out
    Many people think that they will run out of hot water if they don’t constantly heat it.  What a waste of energy!  It makes much more sense to only heat what you need. It is more efficient to set it for half an hour before you get up and start your morning routine than set it again for half an hour before you come home from work.  Leaving it on all day will simply waste money.
  5. Electrical appliances such as TVs, Laptops, Phone Chargers etc don’t use energy when they’re plugged in but not in use
    This is simply not true.  These appliances suck energy from the system even when the devices are not being used. To avoid this “Vampire Power” wasting energy make sure that you pull out all plugs and switch of at the wall when not in use.  In doing this a typical home could save between £50 – £80 a year.
  6. Keep your storage heaters on all year
    Only 38% of people who have electric storage heaters fully understand how they work.  They were originally designed to work by using the cheaper “off peak” electricity so that they charge up overnight then release their heat during the day.  Therefore if you are not on an off peak tariff with your energy supplier you will not save any money.

We hope that we have debunked some energy myths so that you can put them into practice and start saving energy and money. If you have any questions regarding energy saving or general plumbing please feel free to get in touch.