Six signs it is time for a new boiler

Apr 16
  1. Your boiler makes odd sounds
    Your house may make many noises, creaky floorboards, the humming of appliances. However, if your boiler begins to make strange noises, it may be something serious. You may have noticed your boiler making strange noises when it turns on or throughout the day. These noises may occur parallel to other issues, such as your house taking longer to heat up. These sounds can occur for many reasons, such as the pump or fan wearing down. Whatever the reason, if your boiler is acting strange, there is no harm in contacting your local plumbing services to have your boiler examined by a professional engineer. It’s important to stay safe.
  2. Your fuel bills are increasing quickly
    If your energy bills are increasing at a faster rate than normal, it could be due to your boiler not working to its highest efficiency. If your boiler is damaged, or has not been properly maintained, it will start to cost your extra in order to heat your home. This is why you can save money by either having your boiler properly maintained or by replacing your boiler with a more efficient one. A new boiler can pay for itself in fifteen years.
  3. You Struggle to Heat Up Your Home
    This probably the most obvious sign you may need a new boiler. One day, it seems, it suddenly takes longer for your radiators to get hot, and when they do get hot, they just don’t seem to get as hot as they used to. Modern boilers warm up much faster than older boilers, and are less likely to lose their heating power as old boilers do. You may consider having your boiler serviced, or even getting a new, more modern, boiler.
  4. Your Boiler is More Than Fifteen Years Old
    The average lifespan of a boiler (or any heating system) is about 15 years. Once your boiler exceeds fifteen years, it is either not working as well as it used to, or, it is soon going to break down. The older a boiler is, the more frequent and more expensive it will be to repair and service it. Not only will an older boiler function less effectively on a basic level, a newer boiler will offer much greater choice and control over your heating, such as electronic interfaces and timers
  5. If Your Boiler Flame is Yellow
    If your boiler’s flame is burning yellow, it may be producing toxic fumes. A yellow flame is a sign that the boiler is producing carbon monoxide, a chemical compound which is hard to detect, being both colourless and odourless, and can cause all sorts of health problems. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. Other warning signs include soot stains, troubling lighting the boiler and if the flame burns slowly or takes a long time to go out. If anyone in your home shows symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning (dizziness, nausea and difficulty breathing) evacuate your home and seek medical help immediately.
  6. Efficiency Rating is Below A
    Most boilers are now rated on an alphabetical scale on how efficient they are. G is the lowest possible rating, below 70%, and A is the highest, above 90%. If your boiler is inefficient, the amount of money you could save means that your new boiler could pay for itself in its 15-year lifespan.

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