May 01

Here at Southern Energy Solutions, we have a team of Bexhill central heating engineers, that offer central heating and boiler service. In this blog we shall be discussing having an unvented cylinder. Many new property owners are deciding to have unvented cylinders in their homes. In this blog, we will be explaining how you can benefit from an unvented cylinder, and why so many homeowners are opting to have one in their home.

  1. Frees Up Loft Space
    With increasing property prices, making the most of the space in your home is always important. Having an unvented cylinder means that you will not need a cold water storage tank elsewhere, such as in the loft.  This is because the hot water cylinders is fed directly into your cold water mains! Additionally, this means less maintenance, because, as there is no need for a cold water tank, there is no risk that the cold water tank will freeze.
  2. Less Noise
    As there is no water filling a cold water tank, an unvented cylinder results in much less noise being produced. So no more strange noises disturbing you when you’re trying to get some much-needed sleep. Because an unvented cylinder does need gravity in order to move water around your home, you may have it installed almost anywhere you would like.
  3. Saves you money
    An unvented cylinder is more energy efficient than a vented one. Conserving energy means cheaper bills and more money to spend on fun and more important things. If you are looking to use renewable energy and reduced your carbon footprint, an unvented cylinder is perfect for you. An unvented cylinder has potential to be connected to solar thermal panel collectors, allowing your home to essentially, power itself.
  4. Running Out of Hot Water is a Problem of the Past!
    Probably the most obvious effect, and the one you will notice the most, is the instant availability of hot water, all the time. If you have a busy family with many people wanting to bathe or shower, not having hot water can be a nightmare. With an unvented cylinder however, this is no longer an issue. With an unvented cylinder, you can be assured you will have constant hot water which will leave you having a cold shower.
  5. Increase Property Value
    Finally, having an unvented cylinder installed has the potential to increase the value of your home. It could be the detail that makes a potential buyer go from considering to purchasing. So, not only do you reap the benefit of the unvented cylinder while you are living in the property, if and when you decide to sell your property, you reap the benefit of being able to sell your property at a higher price. In this manner, an unvented cylinder has the potential to pay for itself.

So now you know the reasons you should have an unvented cylinder installed. At Southern Energy Solutions we are offering boiler installation, maintenance and consultations in a professional and effective manner, if you are interested in an unvented cylinder, feel free to contact us.