May 03

Here at Southern Energy Solutions we have a team of central heating engineers, in Hastings, that offer central heating and boiler service. In this blog we shall be discussing underfloor heating. You may have never heard of underfloor heating, perhaps because it is a relatively new innovation. It is exactly how it sounds, heating under your floor, instead of through your radiators.

  1. Frees Up Wall Space
    With increasing property prices, it’s important to maximise the usage of space in your household. You can conserve your wall space by installing heating under the floor instead of on your walls. This frees up space to use for bookshelves, appliances (tvs, speakers, etc). Aesthetically, this will allow you to improve your home without adding any additional clutter, so if you are interested in a minimalist interior design, underfloor heating is perfect.
  1. Compatibility
    Underfloor heating is very flexible to install. Regardless of the size of your home, large or small, the room you want it installed in, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. It can be installed on any floor type, including wooden floors. So if you have an idea of what kind of underfloor heating system you’d like, and what room(s) you’d like it in, the chances are it is possible.
  1. Lower Energy Cost
    One of the most important bonuses of underfloor heating is the lower energy cost. Once you have underfloor heating installed, you will continue to benefit from the more efficient heating forever. Additionally, instead of just heating on side or one area of the room, underfloor heating means that the room is equally heated. Less heat is lost through windows since the heating elements are further and less likely to leak heat.
  1. Increased House Value
    Underfloor heating is an investment that benefits you now, allowing you to enjoy a warm and comfortable home, but which pays back later as well. Having underfloor heating could be a selling point when showing people your home. Not only will they appreciate the better heating of the home, but having more space make your home look bigger and therefore more appealing to potential buyers.


There you have the benefits of underfloor heating, here at Southern Energy Solutions in Hastings one of the many gas and heating services we offer is installation of underfloor heating, for more information or a quotation please get in touch