CGCS launches new gas safety scheme

May 05

I’m going to attempt to start writing a blog every fortnight either about how business is going, the work we have been completing or just something which has caught my eye and I have a strong view on.

I try to read as many blogs as I can, if not blogs then just news stories within the industry to keep up to date. This week there has been huge news coming out for all Gas Safe companies/sole traders or anyone who is currently training to become Gas Safe in the future. This is that Capita UK who actually own Gas Safe (which for the older generation is what replaced Corgi), are bringing out a second accreditation which is completely separate from The Gas Safe Register, as if customers aren’t confused enough with which plumbing and heating company to use?! This is a quote from an article in the Installer magazine to explain what this accreditation actually means;

Capita Gas Compliance Services (CGCS) has launched a new UKAS accredited gas safety certification scheme. The scheme will serve as a benchmark of best practice for Gas Safe registered businesses and confirms the legal gas safety standards are met.”  

As I said.. all very confusing as surely this is what Gas Safe (Capita UK) were already taking thousands of pounds from each Gas Safe registered company for?

The new accreditation lasts 3 years and costs depend on the size of your company and from what I have read, as it is accredited by UKAS it will give companies the opportunity to tender for bigger contracts as it will be recognised by the health and public sector. ‘CGCS’ are claiming that this will be a sign that your company has gone above and beyond to show your customers that all work you undertake is done to meet the highest standards and also that your office/admin is also functioning efficiently, so it looks at your company as a whole not just the frontline ‘on the tools’ work.

With Southern Energy Solutions growing by the month I have to now look at these sort of things with an open mind whereas I am sure if I was a sole trader, I would be slating it and saying it’s all a money making con (I was actually saying this when the news first came out, just last week). Now I have had time to read up about it I am probably just as unsure as my customers as to whether I should be Corgi, Gas Safe or CGCS.

One thing I am sure on is that the money Capita has spent setting up this scheme, would have been better spent cracking down on illegal gas fitters throughout the UK as this is a huge problem. Around one million homes a year are put at risk due to this and it needs to be sorted sooner rather than later, I see it every single working day and so do our engineers.

We will be looking at the pros and cons behind this scheme, but will, of course, make the best decision based on our customers and what would give them an even better experience when using Southern Energy Solutions so any feedback would be brilliant.

Zak Hurst – Managing Director of Southern Energy Solutions