May 08

As winter approaches, we rely more and more on our boilers to keep our homes warm. Ensuring your home stays warm in winter is important to your health and comfort. A broken boiler makes the difference between a warm comfortable home and a nightmare. Here at Southern Energy Solutions, we have a team of central heating engineers, in Hastings, that offer boiler service when and if you have a boiler breakdown. However, before you even contact a plumbing service, you may find it useful to know 5 of the most common reasons why your boiler breaks down.

  1. Pump Issues
    If you own a newer type of condensing boiler, you probably have a condensation pipe at the back of your boiler. If it is uninsulated, or temperature falls extremely lower in times such as winter, it is possible that the pipe may freeze. This can cause your boiler to stop working altogether. You will have to contact a professional plumber to defrost your pipe before it is running again. If it has frozen, you may also want your plumber to insulate your pipe properly, so it does not breakdown again.
  1. The Boiler Fan
    It may be possible that your boiler’s fan has broken, or seized-up. This would cause the boiler to function improperly, if at all. It would most likely be necessary to have the boiler fan either replaced or repaired. Most plumbers can do this relatively inexpensively. It’s always better to contact a plumbing service, such as Southern Energy Solutions, instead of attempting to fix the boiler yourself. Attempting to fix the boiler yourself could worsen the problem, cost you more money, or even cause injury.
  1. The Gas Supply
    One issue that isn’t immediately obvious that can cause problems is your gas supply. If you think gas is leaking, do not attempt to relight the pilot light and call a plumbing engineer immediately. Additionally, the gas supply may be blocked by a broken thermocouple. It is best to call a professional plumber in order to make sure everything is safe and running properly.
  1. Leaking water pipes
    Another issue may be if your water pipes are cracked or leaking. This will result in a loss of water pressure, and consequently, will affect the function and efficiency of your boiler. If your boiler is leaking water and you are not aware of it, it could be costing you money and you will not be aware of it.

So now you know some of the issues that may cause your boiler to break down. Here at Southern Energy Solutions we offer boiler repair as well as boiler installation, maintenance and consultations, click here to see our pricing