Important news! You are about to get the same great service under a new name

Jul 14

‘Southern Gas Solutions Ltd’ are now changing our name to ‘Southern Energy Solutions Ltd’. This is to better symbolise the expanding range of services we provide.

We thought we would take the time to write a message on this as we do not want our regular customers seeing the name change and then worrying that we have gone into liquidation. If anything we are doing the complete opposite of this.

For the past six months we have been debating a name/logo change as we thought that the existing name restricted us slightly and gave our customers the impression that we only do boiler works when in fact we cover a range of services in the plumbing and heating industry. We also thought the logo was very generic and a lot of other companies had similar, We wanted to pull away from that and be a brand people recognise.

We chose the name Southern Energy Solutions as we did not want to change our name completely and this kept in with the existing theme but gives us a broader market. The name shows that we want to become the leading company locally for offering the most efficient heating systems no matter what energy source. whether it be gas, oil or renewables.

The logo shows the services we offer, Gas, plumbing, heating, renewables and one for the future, air conditioning. We wanted something that was bright and caught the eye but also wanted people to understand what we can do as soon as they see it hence the pictures inside the circles.

Our new company slogan is “The efficient plumbing and heating company”. This is to show that we not only want to become leaders in the products we deliver but also in the way we deliver them.

Hopefully this helps explain our decisions on rebranding and our loyal customers can see we are exactly the same company, just heading towards a brighter, more efficient future.

Kind regards and thank you for your continued custom, Zak & Ashley – Company Directors.