Is now the time to have your boiler serviced?

Sep 20

Prevention is better than cure

Preventing problems before they occur is a sure fire way to save stress and worry so is now the time to have your boiler serviced?

With the weather starting to cool down we are suggesting to customers that now is the ideal time to book a boiler service before you put extra stress upon your boiler when winter fully arrives.
This will help prevent the disaster of a boiler breakdown just as the cold really comes in.

A question we are often asked is “Do you really need to service a boiler?”
The answer is without a doubt yes. Boilers are a key element to the comfort of your home. They power not just your heating but the hot water coming out of your taps too. Like any mechanical system, there are parts which will suffer from wear and tear and by checking these now you can save money compared to if they were to break and you require an emergency breakdown.

It is not just about ensuring you don’t suffer a breakdown either. Your boiler should be checked regularly to ensure it is safe. If you are a landlord you are legally required to provide a Gas Safety Certificate to your tenants but even if this is just for your home surely the safety of your family is paramount

The good news is we have launched our new service and breakdown plans so you can spread the cost of this throughout the year!
With breakdown cover, we even offer a same day response if your call is received prior to 3 pm! This is something none of our competitors offer so you really are getting a first class service from a local plumbing and heating company