Save energy in East Sussex 5 tips for saving energy this winter

Oct 12

Due to the increase in energy prices this winter, many homes and families are worried about how to save energy in East Sussex.

British Gas, the UK’s leading energy supplier, along with other “Big Six” energy companies, have hiked up prices by up to 12.5%.

70% of UK households are on the expensive Standard Variable Tariffs, which cost an average of £1,151 a YEAR!

With all this in mind, here’s our top five tips to save energy in East Sussex this winter.

  1. Shut the door on drafts!
    Keeping doors closed in your home will trap heat in the room, meaning you don’t need the heating on as high. For added efficiency, think about using weather tape around door frames.
  2. Now you’re cooking!
    The oven will heat all shelves even if you’re only using one, so cook more than one meal at a time to save energy. When you’re done cooking, leave the oven door open and let the excess heat warm your home.
  3. Wrap up!
    You could save £60 a year by turning the thermostat down by just ONE degree – so turn that dial down, grab your slippers and dressing gown and get cosy!
  4. Bin your old boiler!
    If your boiler is over 10 years old – install a new, more efficient boiler and you could save £350 a year! Call us for an honest and final quote with no hidden extras on 01424 200005 or click here
  5. Save with Solar!
    Installing solar panels could save you a third on your energy bills every year, and you get additional money from the government for generating your own energy!

For more information on what Southern Energy Solutions can do you to help you save energy in East Sussex, give us a call on 01424 200005, or email us at