How Much Does A New Combi Boiler Installation Cost?

Jan 28

Combi boilers offer a wide range of benefits over conventional boiler and storage types. These include pretty much unlimited hot water on demand, no need for a water storage so if you have an old feed and expansion type hot water heating system you can lose the two cisterns from your loft and the hot water cylinder from your airing cupboard which can save a huge amount of space should you ever consider converting your loft into a new room or just want the extra storage space this is a good way to go. Also the energy efficient of a new combi boiler can do wonders for your pocket in terms of savings or your energy bills and to preserve the environment. This is because you only heat water when you need it and as the system is a sealed system large amounts of heat are not loft through an open vent.

Which leaves you the question:

How Much Does a New Combination Boiler Actually Cost?

If you were wondering this. Let this blog be a guide to you. Now I’m going to tell you that if you were looking for an exact price for a new combi boiler installation then this blog won’t give you this information because there are so many variables can affect your new boiler installation cost, but it will leave you with something far more valuable in that you will be able to greater understand quotes you are being given from plumbing and heating companies, be able to decipher these and pick the best provider for you offering the best value for money. Reading this blog will only take 5 minutes out of your day but could save you hundreds of pounds or avoid you making a big mistake of picking the wrong boiler installation company. We are actually in the process of conducting some market research so please do check back to this blog at a later date for an average boiler installation price in the South East of England.

If you were looking for an exact quote and are based in East Sussex then we would be delighted to give you an exact boiler installation price in the form of a free boiler quote. Being a Bexhill based boiler installation company near Hastings we can give you a free quote for all new boiler installations across the county in towns including boiler installations Uckfield, Brighton, Rye, Crowborough and so on.

Let’s begin.

1) What Type Of Central Heating System You Currently Have

When you want a new combination boiler installed, the existing system that is in place can make a huge difference to what the new system will cost. This is because when converting from a standard (here in the UK at least) feed and expansion type plumbing and heating system you will not only occur the cost of the new combi boiler installation as this would be only part of the work. You will need to alter the system so that you have all the required pipes at the boiler position, these include a cold feed to provide water to the boiler and on to the cold taps around the house, a gas feed to provide the energy required to heat the water, central heating flow and return pipes to provide hot water to the radiators and a hot water distribution pipe to provide hot water to the hot taps around the property.

With boilers installed in kitchens they tend to be missing the hot distribution pipe as the hot water to the taps would have been fed from the hot water cylinder and not directly from the boiler itself. So you can already see that it’s not always a case of pulling the old boiler out and putting a new combi boiler in. It may not always be an easy job getting the hot water distribution pipe down to the boiler position. A half solution to this problem would be to install the new combination boiler where the old hot water cylinder would have been or nearby as you would typically have all the pipes there and an electrical supply from the previous emersion heater with the obvious exception of the gas pipe. Although as gas pipes can be installed externally unlike water pipes as the water is likely to freeze inside often it is far easier to do this and would also give you some extra space in your kitchen for a new kitchen cupboard perhaps or the TV you always wanted in there but could not find the room!

Obviously if you have no existing central heating system then you would also incur the cost of having the pipework installed throughout your home which technically be a central heating installation and not just a boiler replacement/ upgrade.

2) Quality of The New Boiler

Like everything else, there are some reputable manufacturers of boilers who make great boilers and some that are not so great. When getting your quotes I suggest asking the plumbing and heating engineer to specify the manufacturer of the boiler they intend to install as this right here could make a huge difference to the price that you’re quoted and the higher quality boilers will generally perform better, be more energy efficient, have far less boiler breakdowns and stand the test of time

Some of the more reputable manufacturers of boilers include ATAG, Veissmann, Valiant and Worcester – Bosch. Personally here at Southern Energy Solutions we install ATAG boilers are we are an ATAG certified plumbing and heating company and can offer a 10 year guarantee with all new combi boiler installations subject to annual servicing of course.

3) Size Of Your Property

If you live in a large house with multiple bathrooms, showers kitchens and so on you will need a boiler capable of meeting the demands of the system. You will need a boiler which would be capable of providing hot water throughout the system at all times otherwise you would need to implement some sort of hot water schedule among your household – not exactly the most practical of solutions! The higher the power or performance of the boiler the more that your boiler installation will cost so you should keep this in mind when comparing prices to friends and family whose heating demands may not have been so great.

If you are a particularly heavy user which is not uncommon with owners of HMO’s or student house where people generally all want to shower either in the morning or in the evening you may also want to consider a sealed hot water pressurised system. This has most of the benefits of a new combi boiler with the added extra of having a hot water storage so you can be assured that you will always have hot water in the busiest periods.

Showering and personal grooming aside for large houses the boiler will also be required to heat far more radiators as well in large properties of communal living situations.

4) Site Of Your New Boiler

Briefly touched upon in item 1. Lofts and airing cupboards are great places to install your new boiler and are a real space saver. Your partner may even get the shoe closet they always wanted! Despite this being a subjective I’m sure you get the idea that there could be some real benefits by reciting your boiler out of site.

Obviously when the boiler moves all the pipes need to move too together with an electrical supply so this will affect the cost of your new boiler installation.

5) Where Are You Geographically Located

This seems an obvious one but your location within the UK will affect the cost of your new combi boiler. I think it’s fair to say that you could take two identical properties, installing exactly the same parts and components with one being in central London or Brighton and the other being in Hartlepool that the boiler installation in London will cost substantially more.

This isn’t to say that you are being over charged with the boiler installation company in Brighton it’s just that cost associated for the company to provide that service in your area will affect the price you are ultimately charged. Cost of living, parking arrangements and competitors pricing will all have an effect.

I wanted to get this one in here with so many companies, particularly national companies advertising new “boiler installations from….” that if you live in a more busy or affluent part of the country that you should probably expect to pay more than their advertised prices.

It is common when having a new boiler fitting or gerneral plumbing work that a power flush of the central heating system is performed at the same time. This is something that may or may not be included within your boiler installation quote, or something that can be supplied as an optional extra but it makes the most sense when you are having work done on your central heating system or boiler. The benefits of having a power flush on your central heating system is it will remove any wanted sludge from the inside of your pipework. This will help the water flow better around the system, increase the performance and be more energy efficient. Fortunately, if you are opting for a combination boiler or any sealed system the any sludge build up is far slower to form. Unlike a traditional feed and expansion system where there is an open vent and cistern in your loft.

7) VAT Registered Or Not

This is something that not everyone is always aware of, certainly we have clients that expect their traders to charge VAT on every transaction. But did you know that not all companies are registering for VAT? Meaning that they do not have to charge VAT (currently 20% as of 22/10/18). They are not doing anything illegal it’s just that they have most likely not met the annual turnover VAT threshold where it comes compulsory.

With savings of up to 20% possible on your installation this can obviously make a big difference on the price you pay or are quoted. If you think about it, it’s an extra £200 on a thousand pound transaction or £400 pound on a two thousand pound transaction on tax alone so the business not charging VAT – usually sole traders only will have a definite edge in terms of pricing than the VAT registered boiler installation company.

I’m not telling you to go out and find a company that isn’t registered for VAT, far from it. In fact personally I would avoid and be slightly sceptical of any company not registered for VAT when it comes to boiler installations as with the material cost of boilers it doesn’t take very many installations where VAT registration becomes compulsory so the business that isn’t registered for VAT is either not installing many boilers, or not recording the sale of each boiler installation which could affect any guarantees which may be in place.

Click here for more information or current VAT legislation form HRMC.

8) Speed Of Service – Company Size

Naturally the size of the company, how many engineers they have and vans on the road as well as the geographic area they serve could affect the speed and efficiency of the boiler installation.

You could find the most skilled boiler expert around, who is also relatively cheap when compared to their direct completion, but if he has a 3 month waiting list and you need your new combi boiler installed within a couple of weeks then it doesn’t matter how good that installer is.

The reason this has been included in this blog about how much a new combi boiler installation costs is that if you have two quotes where one company is more expensive that the other quote you have received and the more expensive company can actually do the installation twice as soon it’s most likely because there is a greater associated cost with the quicker company. It may be that they have employed the best staff, have more staff or full time admin within their business which is why they are quicker. I guess you would need to weight your expectations in relation to the price to decide which boiler installation company would be better to go with.

I think that it’s also worth noting that a company that is slow to install the new combi boiler in the first instance would probably be slow to respond to any follow up issues you may have with the installations. Here at Southern Energy Solutions we actually guarantee a same day call out with our boiler servicing plans. We can do this as we have numerous vans, great staff and full time office staff which is why we consider ourselves “The Efficient Boiler Installation Company”. Not just in Hastings and Bexhill but across the South East, hence our company name.

9) Length of Guarantee/ Warranty

Often our 10 year guarantee on all new boiler installation sells itself, our customers like the idea and peace of mind that this brings. We can do this as we have a close relationship with the boiler manufacturer and are officially ATAG certified installers, they know we will install their boilers and heating systems as intended and are confident in their own product so they are prepared of offer such a long warranty.

It’s not unusual these days to find extended guarantees among the reputable boiler manufacturers, 5 years warranties are common. But if you have received a quote where your new boiler only comes with a two year guarantee perhaps, you should consider whether paying a little bit extra for your installation is worth the money or not, I would say that it is. We have been in the plumbing and heating sector for many years and have seen on several occasions where the boiler had to be condemned after a relatively short period of time. Sometimes this is because the boiler hasn’t been installed properly, other times it’s just been because the boiler itself has failed and I can tell you now that each of those instances the poor customer wished that had a longer warranty in place and maintained their boiler with annual servicing.

Please just let me take this opportunity to advise you that we do boiler servicing plans which start at £6.50 per month. So if you’re looking of peace of mind and looking for boiler servicing in East Sussex please do get in touch.

10) How Good The Boiler Engineer Is

I know this sounds a little crude but generally speaking across all sectors the best will almost certainly command a higher rate than others and I think that this is fair.

Generally you can’t just command a higher rate with little evidence that you’re worthy of the higher price tag. In order to do this the engineer would have of had a proven track record of our completely boiler installations and work to the highest standard, usually years.

Sure you may find the younger company is able to install you a boiler that costs less but you also the likelihood something can go wrong which can be catastrophic in relation to gas work. Literally life threatening, so you should always employ the highest skilled tradesmen you can afford. As an absolute minimum standard you should ensure that your installer or fitter is at least Gas Safe Registered which is a legal requirement here in the UK, formerly Corgi registered. But you could also do a bit of research on the company for online reviews, ask to see examples of previous work and accreditations that they may have.

11) Qualifications, Memberships & Certifications

There are a multitude of different plumbing qualifications, memberships and certification schemes out there. At an absolute minimum the gas engineers you employ should be Gas Safe Registered. I cannot stress this enough.

Aside from this there are other organisations out there which can further enhance the service you receive. There are organisations such as who act as a third party and offer the customer an opportunity to leave public feedback of the boiler installation company on their site together with being able to see reviews of that company from past customers. The benefits for that company are that they have an opportunity to set themselves apart from the crowd and open themselves up for constant monitoring of their trading performance, although it’s not always the case but typically only confident, qualified and able plumbing & heating companies would open themselves to constant monitoring of their performance as lots of bad reviews could easily affect their business.

There are also Trading Standards Approved schemes which are generally operated by the councils as the Buy With Confidence scheme. Trading Standards will check the plumbing companies trading practices to see that they are doing everything they should legally and are operating and trading to the letter of the law, offering further peace of mind for the consumer. In our part of the county the Buy With Confidence scheme has been abandoned in East Sussex and Kent with Checkatrade now taking responsibility of this but this differs from region to region.

There also some plumbing specific plumbing memberships such as APHC & CIPHE along with several more each offering different benefits to the end consumer. Generally, as an absolute minimum to be a member of any professional trade organisation requires adequate public liability insurance, together with memberships fees which can be quite considerable and require fair amount of work to maintain the membership status. The reason I have included this within the article as this can ultimately affect the boiler installation price you have been quoted, even just a little bit.

11) New Combi Boiler Installation Quotes In East Sussex

If you have read this article and just want an accurate quote for new heating system or any other plumbing work and you are based in East Sussex please get in touch today and will be delighted to arrange for a boiler engineer to come out and give you a quote.

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