Gas Safe Engineers

Jun 21

If you want to install or repair gas-powered appliances, such as boilers or cookers, you are legally required to be on the Gas Safe Register. The reason for this is primarily safety: Not only are gas appliances a fire and explosion risk, they can also pollute your home with Carbon Monoxide. This is dangerous as Carbon Monoxide causes approximately 50 recorded deaths each year in the UK.

Previously, there was the CORGI register, but in 2009 that was replaced with much stricter regulations that are frequently updated. Gas Safe engineers are required to carry specific ID cards, which show the engineer’s registration number, the type of work they can carry out and the expiry date of their registration. Before inviting an engineer into your home, always ask to see their Gas Safe identity card. If your engineer is newly registered, they must be accompanied by a Gas Safe Register inspector during their probationary period to ensure that the work done is to a high enough standard.

The categories a Gas Safe Engineer can work in is a hefty list which you can view, in full, on the Gas Safe Register website. In order to qualify as competent enough to work in each category, the engineer must prove themselves able to install, repair and maintain the appliance or appliances related to each category. It’s never worth taking the risk when it comes to getting a boiler installed, or any other gas-related work. Make sure your engineer is Gas Safe registered and qualified in the category related to the work being carried out. Before allowing them to start, ask for their Gas Safe ID card and make sure it’s in-date. If they are probation, an inspector must be with them.