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Boiler Installation in Battle | Same Day Boiler-Repairs

Boiler Installation Battle

So you have found us at last? Your search for a quality boiler service in Battle is right here. You are more than welcome to look around this page. We are pleased to discuss all our services, which means a fair and honest approach to all your requirements, right here in Battle, East Sussex

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Before we go any further look at what we offer:
  • Need emergency plumber or heating engineer? Call us now
  • Peace of mind for all your servicing and installation needs
  • Great value for money
  • Local Service in Battle
  • Gas Safe and accredited Engineers

All this means you are safe in our hands. Our installation of a modern combi boiler means an end to unreliable inefficient heating.  We offer expert trouble-free workmanship with real value for money options. If you are thinking of replacing your old system, then look no further than us. Contact us to discuss your needs. Quality heating and plumbing services are just on your doorstep. Why procrastinate? Not only are all our installations guaranteed for a total of ten years (and you can’t get better than that) if you need an emergency plumber or heating engineer we are local, right here in Battle and can often be with you on the same day. We are in the business of providing boiler services that keep you snug and safe all the year round.

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Battle & Catsfield Boiler Services

We’ve got you covered. Just take a look at all we can provide. We have Gas safe engineers on call everyday with urgent call outs sorted the same day. We provide for all your needs whether domestic or commercial. Boiler repairs and servicing is the name of our game. We offer quality and expert maintenance of all equipment. Our Gas Safe Engineers can install your combi boiler in no time at all providing you will peace of mind and of course hot water and a nice warm home.

And there’s more. We may be a multi range organisation, but no job is ever too small. Your washing machine needs plumbing in? That’s a job for us. You need a combi boiler to feed a number of ensuites in your guest house? That’s for us too. Domestic or commercial we are expert in all your requirements.

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Boiler Installation in Battle & Catsfield - 10 Year Warranty

A ten year guarantee? Yes, we not only provide a quality service we also provide peace of mind for many years to come. How can we offer this warranty? By providing expert Safe Gas engineers, who install the very best quality fittings and components, you can be sure that your boiler is not about to breakdown in the foreseeable future. That’s how confident we are.

So what do we mean by peace of mind? Firstly our heating and plumbing operatives are fully qualified and carry ATAG certificates.  Working closing with manufacturers we make sure that manufacturers’ specification are fully adhered to. That’s how we can guarantee for ten years.  Our engineers also take part in staff development training course on a regular basis, which keeps them up to date with current safety legislation and their certification valid.

Here at Southern Energy Solutions we believe that we provide the best that your money can provide, along with a full warranty. Of course potential customers can always find someone who is a little bit cheaper and appears to offer the same service. But think carefully. We based in Bexhill just outside Battle, local to your needs. We deliver a quality service just a phone call away. Whether an emergency call out for a boiler breakdown or a full heating system installation.

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Emergency Boiler Repairs in Battle, East Sussex

Do a quick survey of your family, friends and neighbours and you will find that almost everyone has woken up to a freezing cold house at least once in their lives. There’s nothing worse on a winter’s day: the family is getting ready for work and school, the kids are hiding under the duvet refusing to move and you can’t get your morning shower.  Phone us. We will be there before the day is out. How many plumbing and heating services can do the same? With our guaranteed service plan you won’t come home to find your family have moved in next door till the heating is fixed.

Just so you know, we are a multi-faceted company with a range of services to meet your needs. All our operatives are accredited heating and plumbing engineers with a range of skills. We are an expanding company so we have more than one person manning the phones. What a nightmare that can be. Not only are you freezing cold, you have stood for hours trying to get through to an operative. Not here you won’t. All our engineers have fully-equipment vans at their disposal and because we are local can be with you before you know it, no questions asked.

Do I need a guaranteed service plan?

Well, let’s think about this. We are certainly not in the business of selling you extra’s that you may not want. And we will certainly try to get to you the same day and to be honest this is very often the case. But with a guaranteed service plan, an engineer will be at your home the same day for sure. That’s a guarantee and all for £6 per month. You really can’t beat that for value and peace of mind.

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Boiler Servicing and Inspection Work in Battle

Everyone wants to know that they are safe from carbon monoxide and other toxins in their homes, at work or even when staying in a hotel or guest house. The law states that all buildings owned for commercial use or as rented property must have their boilers checked once a year. The maintenance and servicing of boilers is carried out by Gas Safe engineers. These operatives are certified heating and plumbing engineers and provide safety certificates which tenants, workers and guest must have access to.

When you buy from us, you are also acquiring registered Gas Safe engineers. They will carry out all your service needs so that you have peace of mind. Very often a problem is picked up long before it becomes an emergency break down call out.

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Who Uses Our Boiler Servicing in Battle?

Landlords: Being a landlord, on large scale or even on a smaller scale, with perhaps one or two properties, we know that finding the time for crucial events like boiler maintenance is hard going. And yet we also know that the annual servicing of your boilers is a fundamental requirement for your business.

Rest assured that you can count on us to do the job whether you are at your property that day or not.  Arrange the visits and we will invoice you, simple and effective. An issue that plagues many landlords is how to keep tenants informed about upcoming service checks. Actually, that’s not your problem anymore. We can do that for you. With your permission we can contact your tenants directly to let them know we are coming to inspect the boiler.

Home Owners and Guest House owners: To take away the worry of arranging your annual service, we can send you that all important reminder of when your next service is due.

We can even offer you an automated service date which we can file on our calendar system so you will always be informed when you next visit is coming up. We have your safety in our calendar and in our heart. We will never forget to remind you. 

Southern Energy Solutions. Our Customer Reviews

Are customer reviews important? Well, of course they are. Everything we buy these days must be quality assured, especially something as important as our heating and plumbing installations. We are a third-party website which means that we have no control over what people say in their reviews. And you know what? We have a 9 to 10 rating on We are quite rightly very proud of our service and are honoured to serve our customers in Battle. Over 200 reviews tell us that we are doing exceptionally well. Google My Business listings tell us we are achieving 5 star reviews and recommendations. Blowing our own trumpet? Of course we are.

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Here at Battle we are fully operational and have Trading Standards Approved accreditation. We may be busy, but we are never too busy to ensure that all our operatives are fully trained and up-to-date on safety legislation. To ensure good practice we are active members of important trade organisation in our sector. Boiler installations and maintenance of plumbing and heating systems is what we do and we are over the moon that other businesses in our sector consider us the best at what we do. Being approved and certified by the industry is an enormous feather in our caps. Regular checks the trading standards approval board ensures that we continue to serve our community to the best of our ability.

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Whatever your needs please feel free to contact us. We can be reached on the number above or by email. Let us take the weight off your shoulders. We will respond quickly and may even get someone to call on you today if you have an emergency.

Zak Hurst - Southern Energy Solutions director

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As well as Boiler Installations in Battle, Ninfield & Catsfield. We also regularly service nearby towns and villages: Seddlescombe, Whatlington, Mountfield & Netherfield as well as the entire East Sussex county.

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