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Boiler Installations Seaford, East Sussex

Welcome to our website. We are the premier company for boiler installations in Seaford. Please feel free to have a wander around our site. Get to know us, read the reviews. Then pick up the phone to discuss your boiler needs in Seaford, East Sussex. We are waiting for your call.

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Everyone one wants value for money these days and quite right too. When it comes to your heating and water system you want quality too. We provide the very best engineers for all your heating and plumbing needs. You need look no further than us for repairs, servicing and installation of plumbing and heating systems in Seaford. We provide value for money and a superior service.

If you still have an emersion heater or an old inefficient boiler, it’s costing you money each month on your gas and electric bill. Our company can install you a combi boiler in your home with minimal fuss, in an efficient tidy manner which is not often associated with so many heating and plumbing companies out there.

Got an emergency? Ring us immediately and let us fix that for you. Our phone operatives will pick up immediately. Your appointment means a lot to us, so no waiting around in the house. We keep our arranged times and date.

Boiler Sevices in Seaford | Seaford Boiler Installations
Emergency Boiler Repairs Seaford | Boiler Servicing in Seaford

Boiler Services in Seaford & Bishopstone

Before we go any further, let us tell you what’s on offer here. Without doubt you will get the heating system you always dreamed about, but you will get more than. You will get our unwavering commitment to you should you experience any problems, which we’re sure you won’t.

  • Got an emergency – it’s sorted, often the same day
  • Domestic or Commercial? same commitment, same quality
  • Need your boiler serviced? It’s done.
  • Need a boiler installed? Trained engineers with Gas safe accreditation
  • Need to know you are getting a good job done? 10yr Warranty

We are a wide ranging service that can provide heating and plumbing services for large commercial companies and for private householders who just want their dishwasher plumbed in. With us you are covered for all eventualities regarding your heating requirements and your plumbing needs. Our phone operatives really listen to your demands. Before you know it you will be speaking to an expert so you get reassurance right from the word go.

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Boiler Installations Protected By a 10 Year Warranty in Seaford 

We are very sure of ourselves here at Southern Energy Solutions. We can guarantee our work for 10 years because our engineers work strictly to manufacturer’s instructions. Only accredited Gas safe engineers work for our company as we only ever employ the best staff and/ or train them to the highest standards within the sector.

Yes, we are self-assured and confident. It comes with the knowledge that the engineers who present themselves at your home or business are fully up to date with current safety legislation. We insist that all our operatives have achieved ATAG certification and are required to attend regular work place training. If there is a reason why we are prepared to offer a 10 tear warranty, then this is it. We trust them so that you can trust us.

If you’re going to hire a gas engineer, hire a good one.

Having to hire a plumber or heating engineer is not cheap. We’ve all been guilty of scouring the ads for a cheap bet when things are tight. But pause for a moment and think this through. At Southern Energy Solutions, we offer you a 10 year guarantee on all our parts and components. We can offer you years of worry-free heating. We may not be the cheapest company around, but we sure are the best. We can guarantee it.

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Emergency Boiler Repairs Seaford

How we dread that terrible moment when we realise the heating has packed up. Amid the cries of anguish, perhaps surrounded by irate guests, tenants, or family, you are standing by the phone waiting for someone to pick up. You have been standing there for an eternity. What to do? You may well ask. Can’t have a day off work, can’t fix it yourself. If a miracle does happen and they do come out, where to leave the key?  Stop right there. That’s just not us. We have a more than one operator answering the phones and they are all trained to direct you quickly to the right person. No going round in circles, not being fobbed off with a busy signal.

Let us tell you a little about our operation. We are an organised plumbing & heating company near Seaford. At your first port of call, our telephone operators, you will be answered promptly. You will not transferred from department to department but will speak with a Boiler expert right away. There will be no turning up with the wrong parts, all our vans are fully equipped and engineers will know exactly what they have turned up to do.

To have a guaranteed service plan or not to have a guaranteed service plan... 

When you do business with us you will be offered our guaranteed service plan. For only £6 per month, we can guarantee that an engineer will be out at your property the same day, provided you ring before 3.00pm. That’s peace of mind for a few pence a week. However, if you prefer not to take up our offer, then that’s fine with us too. We are not in the business of pressuring our customers and your satisfaction is our utmost priority as even without the plan we will endeavour to respond to an emergency on the same day.

Please Come & Fix My Boiler 

Boiler Servicing, Inspection & Certified Plumbing & Heating Company Seaford

The Law

Never try to fix you boiler by yourself. Every boiler in every commercial building must be inspected by a fully qualified Gas Safe Engineer. By law, registered engineers are required to check the safety of gas boilers and heating systems.  This requirement ensures that people are protected from the hazards of faulty gas appliances. The good news is that all our engineers operate to the same safety standards. With regular boiler checks you are safe in the knowledge that those who reside in your home or homes are safe and secure. Each of our engineers carries full accreditation and is able to provide certification for every boiler they inspect.

We are experts in heating and plumbing. And this could save you money in the long term. Often a potential problem can be averted when your boiler is inspected which can prevent complete boiler breakdown.

Boiler Servicing Seaford: Why we are the Best Choice

We know how hectic our lives can be. Everyone wants to keep on top of things, but that can be stressful at times, especially when it comes to keeping on top of annual boiler checks. But you don’t need to stress when it comes to your plumbing and heating. You have us on your side. Landlords in particular find it difficult to always show up for boiler checks. Well, landlords, you don’t have to. We can invoice you. We can even liaise with your tenants so you don’t have to. With your consent we can contact your tenants directly and make appointments with them.

We all make entries in our CRM system for important events like having the boiler serviced a year in advance! Even the most organised person can overlook an appointment made so far ahead of time. But we’ve got that covered. Every year our automated calendar will send you a reminder that your inspection is due. So no stress there then.

Getting your boiler serviced never got easier. You may forget, but we never will. We keep you under our wing. Your safety is our concern,

Southern Energy Solutions Boiler Installations The best in East Sussex

No self-respecting company is going to say they are bad at what they do but how can you be sure that the money you are parting will be a good investment? Read the reviews.

But reviews can be subjective, we hear you say. Yes you are right. Also, can you even trust the reviews? Well let us tell you right now. Most of our reviews left for public display on a third party website (Checkatrade) which means that the reviews that are shown about our company are not under our control in any way. They are about as genuine as you can get and we currently have over 200 reviews on that say that we deserve our 9-10 star rating. If that doesn’t convince you, then read the reviews on out Google My Business Listings.

When we send someone to your home to mend or install a boiler, we know that the engineer that knocks on your door is fully qualified. Here at Southern Energy Solutions we are Trading Standards Approved. This means that the work you have done meets the standards required in our sector. We are proud that the standards we work by are translated into fairness, honesty and trust. We keep these standards by being regularly approved through monitoring and auditing. We operate a transparent business and are well respected within our sector and within and are respected all across Sussex and not just Seaford.

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Contact us now. We are waiting for your call. If you need one, we can have a Gas Safe engineer knocking on your door today. Thinking about a new combi boiler?  You can also contact us by email and make an appointment.

Accredited and Certified Boiler Installation Company in Seaford

As well as Boiler Installations in Seaford and Boiler Repairs we also regularly serve nearby areas including Bishopstone, Alfriston, Newhaven as well as the entire BN25 postcode and the entire East Sussex County.

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