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Boiler Installation Hastings

Tuesday 7th of November 2017

So, why should you get a new boiler installed?


If you are looking for boiler installations in Hastings, chances are you have come to the realisation that your boiler is the same boiler you had when you moved into your home any number of years ago, and is now so ancient that maintenance is costing enough to make you consider installing a new one.

Installing a new boiler has many potential benefits.

Did you know that, according to the Energy Saving Trust, your boiler accounts for more than 50% of your energy bills?

And that in general, boilers last up to fifteen years. If your boiler is older than this and has been around since before the turn of the millennium it will be significantly cheaper to run a new condensing boiler. A modern condensing boiler is around 90% efficient, compared to a non-condensing boiler's 75% efficiency.

You could make a saving of up to £300 a year in a semi-detached house on energy, not including the costs of repair or servicing that an old boiler incurs.


So now you know why you should install one - why should you choose Southern Energy Solutions for Boiler Installations in Hastings?


For starters, our honest, friendly and efficient staff are Gas Safe Registered, OFTEC approved and on the Competent Persons Register - meaning we can install oil, regular and combi boilers safely so you have peace of mind!

Not only this, but Southern Energy Solutions work with all the major manufacturers and are trained by their boiler teams to really get to grips with each make and model - we're experts, after all!

Using our expert knowledge, we can provide a Home Assessment where one of our engineers will visit and determine which solution is best for you!


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