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Boiler Installation In Hastings

Saturday 1st of October 2016

Choosing the right boiler installation for your home isn’t just about keeping your hot water and heating running. There are four main types of boiler installations available commercially and it’s important to have someone help you decide which is right for your property.

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers for example, might be the best selling boiler unit on the UK market, however, they aren’t suitable for every type of property. Heating water directly from mains gas supplies, combination boilers remove the need for hot water storage tanks making them both economical and ideal for smaller living spaces. However, because combination boilers only heat water as and when it is being used, hot water supplies can be interrupted if two outlets are being used at the same time. In this case, multi-residence properties serviced by a single boiler unit aren’t always best served by combination boilers.

That said, combination boiler units do provide significant energy savings and are ideal for most family homes.

Unvented Hot Water Systems  

Unvented hot water systems differ from combination boiler installations in that they do make use of dedicated hot water storage tanks. Benefits of unvented boiler installations subsequently centre on better water pressure and uninterrupted hot water flow when multiple outlets are being used at the same time. However, unvented hot water systems aren’t as energy efficient as combination boilers and because of storage tank requirements do take up more physical space.

Open Vent Boiler Installations

If you are in need of a new boiler installation due to your existing boiler suffering an irreparable failure of some sort, it’s highly likely that your last model was an open vent boiler. These boilers are comprised of a two tank system and therefore take up much more space than other models and aren’t nearly as energy efficient. However, open vent boilers do provide good continuous flows of hot water, just without the optimised pressure associated with unvented systems.

Back Boilers  

Still a mainstay of many coal-fired houses, back boilers sit in chimney spaces and heat water directly from residential heating stoves and open fireplaces. Such boilers are by far the least energy efficient on the market and if you are in need of replacing a back boiler it’s advisable in most cases to think about installing a new combination boiler or unvented system.

So Which Boiler Is Right For You?

The first thing we do when you approach us for advice on which boiler to choose is arrange a home visit. Based out of Hastings we assess your heating and hot water needs and impartially advise you on your options.

Always helping you identify the most efficient boiler installation suitable for your property, we then quote you a fixed price for both your new boiler model and installation. The most important thing for us is that you and your family’s heating needs are covered as cost-effectively as possible while at the same time we always make sure to minimise disruption when we actually install your new system.