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Efficient and cost effective heating for your rural home

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a mixture of flammable hydrocarbon gases used as fuel in heating appliances, vehicles and for cooking. It is stored in a range of sized canisters which are perfect for properties and caravans which are located in a rural area and cannot be connected to main gas lines.

LPG is an efficient and cost effective source of energy for any rural home. It can be used to heat central heating systems as well as hot water systems and it’s ideal for cooking appliances. You can get your LPG gas canisters delivered to your property and the qualified team at Southern Energy Solutions can come and install them and connect them up whenever you need us to.

If you require a bulk tank for larger home or caravan sites then we will use our great working relationship with CALOR to ensure that you are contacted by them to arrange delivery of such a tank to your property, they then install the tank and our engineers will connect onto this and run tests to ensure it is in good working order.

Southern Energy Solutions also provide gas safety checks on mobile homes and caravans which use LPG.

We will check all gas appliances and provide you with a certificate to say they are working properly and safely. This should be repeated annually. We currently work with a caravan site in Rye, completing all their gas safety checks as well as providing connection tests, servicing and emergency call outs.

We are hoping to be able to strike up similar working relationships with other caravan sites in East Sussex.


The primary criteria for selecting the size and quantity of gas bottles installed should be the service considerations. Or in other words, you never want to run out of gas.

Two gas bottles allow you to use up all of the gas in the first bottle whilst having time to get a refill or an exchange replacement.

45kg LPG gas bottles are the most popular size because they can be either refilled via an LPG tanker or exchanged with another depot filled bottle.

Gas bottles must be placed safely away from ignition sources — primarily electrical devices and flames — in the event of a leak.

Gas bottles cannot be placed close to wall openings, including windows, doors and vents, to preclude possible entry and collection of gas in enclosed spaces.

Gas bottles must be a safe distance from openings to below ground spaces, for instance drains and pits, to prevent any possible build up of the heavier than air LPG.

Gas bottles must be placed in well ventilated locations, avoiding alcoves and enclosures, to prevent possible accumulations of gas.

Gas bottles must be placed on a solid base that is not subject to the accumulation of water.

Line of sight must be maintained for in situ tanker deliveries.

LPG zones

Here are some typical examples:

  • 16 L/min Hot Water used for 20 minutes per day = 52 days
  • 9 MJ Cooktop Burner used for 60 minutes per day = 244 days
  • 15 MJ Gas Heater used for 3 hours per day = 49 days
  • 25 MJ Gas Fireplace used for 2 hours per day = 44 days

These estimates are based on running at maximum setting/rate.

Duration would be longer on lower settings.

If used and handled in accordance with prescribed procedures LPG is safe.

As with electricity, natural gas, petroleum and other household chemicals, care should always be taken when using LPG.

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Boiler replaced. Excellent all round. Job completed as spec. George and Chris kept us informed of what they were doing and when. Would recommend this company without hesitation.
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Fitted replacement bath. Excellent service. Managed to fit the replacement bath quickly for my parents knowing they needed this done asap. Very polite and tidy. Would highly recommend.
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