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How unvented cylinders work

Unvented cylinders are pressurised cylinders that are fed directly from the incoming water mains and will supply your house with hot water.

The difference between this and a vented system is that a vented cylinder is fed from a storage water tank normally located in your loft and relies on gravity to push the water through your taps.

An unvented cylinder is fed directly off the incoming main so you achieve mains pressure at all your taps/showers (hot and cold) without the need of a pump and removing the stored water from your loft space!


As long as they are installed by a qualified engineer, unvented cylinders should be safe. If installed incorrectly errors can occur where the build up of pressure becomes too much for the system and it expunges itself into the home.

The main benefit of an unvented cylinder is that they don’t require a lot of space to install, and they also don’t require a storage tank in the loft. What’s more is that you will have constant hot and cold water at mains pressure, which means no more weak, dribbling showers. They can also be heated via many heat sources, such as a heat pump or solar panels.

This can be overcome by installing cold mains booster pumps and accumulators cylinder to hold cold water at pressure to supply your house. This is common in houses with three or more bathrooms.

An unvented cylinder can be installed in virtually any instance with a few modifications to your existing water system. Costs vary depending on the set up so your best bet is to contact us and book in an engineer for a free no obligation quote.


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