Underfloor Heating

Heat your home effectively and efficiently with underfloor heating

Why should you get underfloor heating?

Are you tired of treading on your tip-toes across a cold hard floor? If so – underfloor heating is the solution for you!
It’s an efficient way of heating your home, providing warmth to whole room at once using a network of pipes underneath the floor.

Because the heat spreads evenly, and because underfloor heating works at a lower temperature than conventional radiators, you’ll be getting warmer, quicker.

You’ll also be impressed with the new space that this will create as you can do away with ugly, obtrusive radiators and add more value to your home.

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What do you get when you choose Southern Energy Solutions?

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  • A completely bespoke service
  • A completely unique design
  • An end of project checklist for you to guarantee satisfaction
  • A 12 month guarantee on our workmanship

All work completed to a very high standard. Always willing to find a good workaround on problems which arise when working onan elderly system. Highly recommended.

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