Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

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What will you get when you choose Southern Energy Solutions for your unvented boiler?

  • You will receive a free, no obligation quote
  • We will only send you fully trained and registered Gas Safe Engineers to carry out any work on your unvented boiler
  • A 12 month warranty which covers all of our work done on your unvented boiler
  • A massive 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee!

How do unvented cylinders work?

Unvented cylinders are pressurised cylinders that are fed directly from the incoming water mains and will supply your house with hot water.

The difference between this and a vented system is that a vented cylinder is fed from a storage water tank normally located in your loft and relies on gravity to push the water through your taps.

An unvented cylinder is fed directly off the incoming main so you achieve mains pressure at all your taps/showers (hot and cold) without the need of a pump and removing the stored water from your loft space!

Unvented cylinder diagram

Benefits of having an unvented hot water cylinder

  • They free up valuable space in your home – they can be fitted almost anywhere
  • An unvented cylinder can provide stronger water pressure than an open vented system
  • An unvented cylinder might be quieter than your existing vented system because there is no cold water filling up the water storage cistern.
  • They can last for 30 plus years when fitted to the highest standard by Southern Energy Solutions
  • Unvented cylinders are more energy efficient and heat water faster than vented tanks.

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The work done was always of the highest grade, from the initial quotation through to fitting and even service and after care advice. The team made a massive effort to keep us updates at all times as well was keeping everything tidy.

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