Battle Festival is in Battle, East Sussex.

2 weeks 7 hours ago

A message from Tim Rice-Oxley, our patron.

Some of you might know that I’m a patron of Battle Festival - the annual arts festival in Keane’s home town. In this role I’ve been honoured to perform a few times and have had a lot of fun mentoring some very talented young musicians from the local area. The festival is a really important means of bringing together the community and giving people a chance to engage with a whole range of cultural events and art forms.

Sadly this year’s festival has been cancelled because of Covid-19. So it seems like a nice moment to think back on the three times I’ve performed at the festival myself - once with Tom, once with Mt Desolation, and most recently with Keane. We’d love it if you could help out by sending us your favourite photos (or even videos) and memories from those gigs to … then we’ll gather a selection together and put them up on the Battle Festival website.

My personal memories from those shows are really happy. The first - in 2015 - was a unique night in that it was just Tom and I playing through a few rarities and cover versions on a blustery August evening. It’s Not True got a rare (maybe its only?) live outing, local stars Rachel Wilson and Dorey the Wise joined us for a few songs, and the crowd harmonised beautifully on a singalong of Back For Good. We hadn’t seen each other for a while and one lovely memory I have is of doing photos for the press release at Battle Abbey, during which we laughed incessantly and probably made life quite tedious for the photographer…

In October 2017 Mt Desolation played together for the first time in seven years, previewing our second album with a set at Battle church. We had such a brilliant time and it was a magical place to play….I recall a lot of seated dancing in the church pews!

The following year we were back as Keane, playing what turned out to be a reunion gig really - a few months later we started recording Cause and Effect. It felt so good to be playing together again. The fantastic local singer-songwriter Marie White opened for us - she has since gone on to sign a record deal with Decca and is destined for big things. We were lucky with

Battle Festival

2 weeks 1 day ago

Thank you to everyone for nominating your favourite poems - it’s going to be tough to narrow them down to the final selection for our wonderful patron Anton Lesser to read.

Our next announcement for our 2020 ‘festival’ will come from our other fantastic patron Tim Rice-Oxley.

There have been a few gremlins in the system, so apologies for your patience with this one. Hopefully it will be coming soon!

Battle Festival

3 weeks 2 days ago

The next big announcement will drop at 6pm on Monday 14th... stay turned!

Until then, send us your favourite poems for a chance to have them read and recorded by Anton Lesser... an amazing opportunity that’s not to be missed! Send your favourite poem and the reason why to or leave us a comment below!

Battle Festival

4 weeks 2 days ago

I bet everyone’s keane to hear the next big announcement?


Not long now!

Battle Festival

1 month 19 hours ago

Time is running out! We’ve had some great suggestions come in for this so far and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.
Tell us your favourite poem by 13/09/20 for a chance to have it read by the one and only Anton Lesser.

Email your suggestions to or send us a DM.

Battle Festival

1 month 2 weeks ago


Our wonderful patron, the BAFTA nominated and Shakespearian actor Anton Lesser has agreed to read up to 10 poems that have been nominated by lovers of the Festival. These will be recorded and posted on our website and on social media throughout October.

All you have to do is to nominate your favourite poem and the reasons why this is so special to you.

Nominations can be made via email to or by messaging us via one of our Social Media channels.

Good luck and sit tight - there's more exciting news coming your way very soon!

Battle Festival

2 months 3 weeks ago

Due to COVID-19, with a very heavy heart, the Trustees and Committee of Battle Festival have had to cancel the 2020 Festival.

All the artists booked have been informed, and they, like us will be working hard to make 2021 even bigger and better.

HOWEVER... some of our favourite artists and patrons have agreed to do something very special for us in October!

Keep your notifications switched on and your eyes peeled, we'll have some very exciting updates for you soon.

Battle Festival

3 months 3 weeks ago


The Festival has just received this message

'As Battle Exec Board rep I thought you’d like to know that the Abbey is reopening this Saturday and Natasha is back from furlough.

Can you let the various relevant groups in Battle know this please'?

Can you circulate far and wide!

Battle Festival

3 months 3 weeks ago


Battle Festival would like to thank everyone who has taken part in making this years' scarecrows and providing a little bit of light for the community in this dark time. There have been so many amazing entries and after much deliberation, the judges have chosen 5 lucky winners. Congratulations to the following:

RAFFERTY - Maria Lanigan
NOAH'S ARK - Totz Klub
OUR RAINBOW GIRL - Edward G Crowhurst

Please can the winners send their details (home address and telephone number) to so we can arrange and deliver the prizes.

Thank you all once again and we hope you're all safe and well.

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