Septic Tank and Cesspit Emptying

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If you are a homeowner who needs help with your drains or septic tank emptying, we provide professional, cost competitive and environmentally friendly waste management services

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  • We deliver industry accredited and professional liquid waste removal services, providing high quality cesspit and septic tank emptying services for when a property or site cannot connect to the mains sewerage system.
  • Regularly emptying your septic tank or cesspit helps to avoid the risk of overflow, blockage and costly damage to your sewage system and the environment.
  • Whether you need a one off drain clearance or would like to set up a sewerage plan, we are the company for you!
  • Using our 7.5 tonne vehicle, we are able to access hard to reach properties in the rural parts of East Sussex and Kent.
  • The size of our tanker means we’re able to easily park outside homes  without having to double park. This is a great advantage for us, and obviously causes fewer issues from neighbours and passing traffic.
  • Our friendly team are based in Bexhill and Battle and have over 7 years experience in the industry.

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How Often Do You Empty a Septic Tank or Cesspit?

You should have your septic tank emptied frequently depending upon the level of use, the size and type of your tank.

As part of your routine maintenance for your septic system, you should carry out septic tank emptying and have the solids and sludge removed from your tank at frequent intervals.

How Much Should it Cost To Empty a Septic Tank or Cesspit?

The frequency and cost for sewage collection from your septic tank or cesspit will depend on the size of the tank. Charges are per 1000 gallons.

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